What Sets Us Apart?

The Aluminium Lighting Company supply aluminium minor structures, and there are various companies that do so. But what sets us apart from the competition?

At ALC we believe our success comes from dedication to our core values. We pride ourselves on our teamwork-focused customer service, our operational excellence and the innovative nature of our products and services.

aluminium minor structures

Client Relationships

Family business, family values – “As a family-run business our clients are more than just a number on a screen. Whether it be through in-house quality management, site visits or simply just good communication, ALC works to ensure client satisfaction and to build lasting relationships, getting jobs done with minimal fuss. Integrity and honesty when dealing with clients is the only way our company is willing to operate”.

“I have found ALC most reliable suppliers.  They have a wealth of technical knowledge and understanding and provide valuable input in designing the lighting schemes. ALC’s after sales service is second to none.”

Perry Hazell TMIET Senior Lighting Engineer – Environment and Leisure Southwark Council

aluminium minor structures

Operational Excellence

Old fashioned credibility – “There can be no compromise on safety, quality, customer service or customer specification to attain a price advantage. Daily state board meetings and monthly management meetings include ‘Improvement Opportunities’; notifications from our entire staff on how we might improve in the short term, followed by ‘Improvement Initiatives’ to address these.

“We place trust in our employees to highlight where we might improve. As experts in their respective fields, they are best placed to identify problems and suggest solutions”

– Craig Williams, Managing Director, ALC


aluminium minor structures

Product, Process & Service Innovation

Encourage Innovation, create value – “Holding a substantial number of process and product patents, ALC is a company that is unapologetically innovative. With a Design & Technical Team comprising three in-house Design Engineers and regular input from an Independent Structural Engineer, we continually look to improve our products, and, with various in-house testing facilities, ensure these innovations are fit for purpose”.

  • 2005 – MKI Hinge Development
  • 2010 –
    • MK2 Hinge Development
    • Installation of Column Testing Facility
  • 2012 – ALC Cast Brackets Developed
  • 2014 – MK3 Hinge Development
  • 2015
    • Rotatable Column Development
    • Patented Structural Bonding Process
    • Tortional Transfer Pins Developed
  • 2019 – Purchase of 3D Printing Facility
  • 2020 – MK IV Hinge in Development

Visit our Patents & Trademarks page for a full list of patents and trademarks held by ALC.

A Reluctance to be Complacent

We are reluctant to accept the status quo. Consistent improvements in customer relationships, operational excellence and innovation are imperative; self-assessment and problem solving are key traits of ALC.

Whether it be our early adoption of new, value-creating technology such as 3D printing and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing extra after-sales support or making adjustments to manufacturing processes, each improvement is made to better the customer experience and create value to be passed on to our clients.

 A Commitment to Sustainability


An environmentally conscious company from the outset – whether it’s the material we use or the deliveries we dispatch, the environment is considered.

Our aluminium is nearly 100% recycled (with some primary aluminium used as a ‘flux’) and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Visit Why Aluminium? for further details.

 Quality, Assurance, Peace of Mind

ALC’s lighting column testing facility, installed in 2010

With what is thought to be the only lighting column static load testing facility in Europe, ALC goes beyond the necessary to ensure our columns’ compliance. The BS EN 40-3-2:2000 standard is interpreted into a test procedure which utilises load cells and draw wires, broadening our understanding of aluminium as a material and our products without depending on theoretical calculations alone.

This, alongside alloy sample testing, pre-manufacture FEA and the scrutiny of an Independent Structural Engineer, ensures your ALC aluminium minor structures are to specification first time around.


“Working with a manufacturer who looked at the issue from my perspective and provided practical solutions was a real bonus on this scheme.”

— Neil Arnold, Lighting Engineer – City of London