Meet The Team

ALC is not a faceless corporate; we’re a family business.
This is why you see our names and pictures in ALC meet the team. We’re proud of the quality products we produce and can confidently stand behind them.

Find out why ALC is different here.


meet the team ALC - BW

Barry Williams


meet the team ALC - CW

Craig Williams

Managing Director

meet the team ALC - CP

Colin Palacio

Operations Manager

Marketing & Sales

meet the team ALC - AH

Alan Howden

Business Development Manager, Scotland & N. Ireland

meet the team ALC - DL

Dick Leonard

Business Development Manager, Scotland

meet the team ALC - BH

Ben Hiscott

Business Development Manager, London, The East & The North

meet the team ALC - DM

David Morgan

Business Development Manager, Wales, The West & The North

meet the team ALC - WB

Wayne Biddle

Senior Sales Administrator

meet the team ALC - SH

Sarah Hill

Sales Administrator

meet the team ALC - TW

Trystan Williams

Market Analyst

meet the team ALC - RW

Rooga The Dog

Chief Stamp Licker /
Emotional Support Director

Technical and R&D


Gregg Hughes B.Eng. (Hons)

Design Engineer


Reece Hobson M.Eng. (Hons)

Design Engineer


Robert Price B.Eng. (Hons)

Design Engineer

Finance & Supply Chain


Adrian Dixon

Finance Manager


Joan Markham

Assoc CIPD


Lindsay Hill

Supply Chain & Logistics Team


David Gundry

Quality Manager, QA Team


meet the team ALC - Production

Steve Ridge

Production Manager

Jordan Stokes

Multiskilled Employee

David Ridge

Paint Technician

Gareth Bowen

Column Packer

Daryll ‘Cosca’ Thomas

Echalon® Assembly

Daniel Davies


Johnny ‘Welder’ Davies