86% Reduction in Driving Offences at RoadFlow Level Crossings


The Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) ‘Roadflow Rail Enforcement’ system is installed at 22 Level Crossings in Sussex, and 53 others across the UK.

The Problem

Level Crossings are dangerous, and options to improve safety are limited. Replacing Level Crossings with bridges is costly, time consuming and applicable only to a handful of sites. Our latest collaboration broadens this choice with an off-the-shelf level crossing enforcement system.

At ALC we consistently seek to broaden our portfolio, applying our time-saving solutions to evermore applications. We carefully listen to those on the ground in order to identify and resolve some of the sector’s most pressing issues.

The Solution

First activated in 2015, the collaborative solution between ALC and Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd has triggered over 10,000 times in Sussex.

Results from the system have been measurable and stark, with driving offences at ‘RoadFlow’ enabled crossings plummeting from 450 in 2015, to just 68 in 2020.

The technology from Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd with integrated health monitoring and mobile 4G communication required an efficient lowering system, ensuring maintenance is viable at both busy and remote crossings.

Network Rail operates these systems on a not-for-profit basis; its not about the money, it’s about reducing risk and making crossings safer. Yet another example of smart investment bringing tangible, measurable change.

Our Contribution

The visibility of this deterrent was crucial, with ALC precisely matching the bright yellow of the cameras to our columns. Martin Kelly, SEA Complex Systems Director highlighted, “As a highly-visible deterrent, we hope that our safety technology will continue to encourage drivers to stop when the level crossing lights and barriers are activated”.

With an automotive-scale in-house paint spraying facility, ALC is able to provide one of the most renowned painting services on the market. We utilise the latest technologies in preparation, application and sampling to ensure quality.

ALC’s Echalon® Raise & Lower system provides a fast, safe maintenance solution for a variety of applications. Our hand-sized key is all that’s required required to operate the Echalon®, aiding fast response teams in resolving issues, fast.

This ensures the time spent at hazardous road and track side environments is kept minimal. And, thanks to the non-corrosive properties of aluminium, the Echalon® Raise & Lower is perfectly suited to exposed or saline environments.

Our collaborations with SEA continue to multiply. With initial successes and wider adoption of SEA systems such as RoadFlow Fusion and RoadFlow Replay, ALC is pleased to support SEA in their impressive expansion into the sector.

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