Business Update (COVID-19) 27.03.20

As indicated in our previous statement, any update to ALC’s position regarding COVID-19 is to be conveyed to our clients at the earliest opportunity.

As you may be aware the situation has considerably worsened in the time since our previous update, in a way that many did not anticipate.

Consistent with the experiences of many other businesses, ALC has been prompted to take some tough decisions in response. We regret to inform you that ALC will not be re-opening in the week commencing 30.03.20. We have taken this decision reluctantly, but responsibly in the interests of our team, clients and the wider community.

ALC will be monitoring e-mails and phone calls during our closure; If you have an emergency or exceptional need, we will do what we can for you.

Owing to the novelty of the virus and the uncertainty surrounding future market and economic conditions, we are unfortunately unable to advise when we will reopen. Any further information will be conveyed via further notices which may be viewed either on our LinkedIn page or the news section of our website. To ensure you are up to date, please follow our LinkedIn page to be notified on the release of further notices.

We wish our team, the wider community, our clients and your colleague’s good health in these trying times; we look forward to resuming normal contact and service at the earliest opportunity.

T: (01639) 852502